Naturalization Records

Warrick County, Indiana Naturalization Records

Compiled by

Virginia L. Aldridge

These Warrick County, Indiana Naturalization records are exact replicas of the original records. There are more than 800 records in the five Naturalization books and five shucks. These were digitally enhanced and converted to .pdf images.

Many of the records in the shucks match the records from the books. A few of the early records list arrival in this country in the 1830’s. In Final Oath 2 there are four records with Civil War naturalization references, the rest are final oaths.

1920 Naturalization Records is 9 pages and in numerical order, all other books and shucks are in alphabetical order, except Final Oath 2 which contains two certificates per page and is alphabetized by the surname of the first record on the page. See index to Final Oath 2.

Declaration Of Intent 1

Declaration Of Intent 2

Final Oath 1

Index to Final Oath 2

Final Oath 2

Shuck 435

Shuck 1036

Shuck 1037

Shuck 1149

Shuck 2280

1920 Naturalization Records

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