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The Packet is the quarterly journal of the Tri-State Genealogical Society and has been published since The Society was founded in 1977. All previous publication may be found in the Packet Archives.

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170 Vol 43 No 2 12 2019

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Ideas for Effective Searching:

Do you need help with your own personal research? Have you hit that proverbial brick wall and are stalled in your research? Below you will find a link to a list of ideas to help you break down that brick wall. When you hit a dead end there are ways to go beyond that dead end.

Do you know your state and county formation data? Thorndale and Dollarhide; Ancestry’s Red Book; Google “State Name” county formation maps-

Do you know what to expect to find in each census? State census records? Read the wording in each column at the top of the census.

When you can not find them in the census — how do you find them?

When searching databases on Ancestry or you need to think outside the box.
Many of the databases are not indexed and many are indexed poorly. Search on surname, first name only or year or the place of birth.

How do you keep track of what you have done? It is advisable to make research notes. Include inquiries you have sent with date, name of person and phone number – note response and if second inquiry was sent and that response. When there is no response, periodically I note the current date and still no response. Review your notes and send subsequent inquiries if no response. Notepad works well for this.

When a wife disappears from the local census records and you can not find a local obituary or
cemetery record for her — where is she? They had no children who survived.
Look at husband’s obituary — did he belong to a benevolent society? Sometimes those benevolent societies have homes for orphans and the elderly.

Have you been to a courthouse, archive or library to do research?

Have you taken an old book at a courthouse and looked at the index for a surname and then at each page numbered in the index? If the surname is not in the index, do you page through the book to the time frame in which they died? Browsing is an Effective Search method.

Documentation — the most important thing we do — date, place.
When you make a copy of a page in a book, on the back of the page write the date, place and title of the book.

Make a list of items you need to search for and note when they are found:
I use Notepad for this and update the list as I am doing research. Then I email the list to my iPad before I leave to do research.
Research in Boonville
Research at Willard

Explore the links below for ideas on how to advance your research and watch those brick walls crumble.

Things to do

What Census Should Show

Date Of Enumeration

Some Extras:

Family Group Sheet

4 Generation Pedigree Chart

If you are new to genealogical research the site below may be of help.

Genealogy How To

Email us for help with your research. While we will not do your research for you, we may be able to give you ideas on how to advance your research.

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