Mexican & Civil War Soldiers Buried in Hardin County, Illinois



Jeannette Gray

Originally published in the Tri-State Packet, December 1977

The following are the names of the soldiers whose graves were decorated at the various cemeteries, May 1893. This is also from the typed book, Obituaries of Hardin County, Illinois, see p. 30.

Capt. J. S. Herod, Co. B, 131st
Lt. D. W. Herod, Co. B, 131st
Lt. W. J. Holt, Co. C, 48th
N. W. Prather, Co. A, 29th
Jesse McFarlan, Co. A, 29th
D. W. Winters, Co. C, 48th
W. B. Mosley, Co. E, 48th
Henry Stone, Co. A, 29th
Mat Fuller, Co. C, 48th
Dr. Lagore, Carmichael’s Cav.
Dan Mathews, Co. B, 131st
John Spiker, Dresser’s Bat. L.A
Isaac Mayfield, Co. L, 136th
William Lee, Co. B, 131st
C. W. Wilkinson, C.S.A.

Rosi Clare
Dr . A. Lezynski, Post Surgeon
E. H. Conrad, Co. A, 29th
William Cummins, Co. A, 29th
John Halleck, Co. A, 29th
J. C. Wetherington, 48th
Thomas Walker, Co. B, 131st
James Moxley, U.S. Navy
Joseph Chenoweth, Wisc. Regt.
Three unknown, 31st Ill.

Whiteside & Pleasant Hill
Milas Vinyard, Co. A, 29th
L. D. Martin, Co. A, 29th
Chester Clark, Co. A, 29th
John Clark, Co. A, 29th
Charles Wilson, Co. A, 29th
James Elliott, Co. A, 29th
J. P. Joyce, 7th Ill. Cav.

Stone Church
Alex Ragan, Co. A, 29th
Warren Wilson, Co. A, 29th
Peter Burnett, Co. A, 29th
R. J. White, Co. A, 29th
Haywood Clark, Co. A, 29th
Jerry Ragen, Co. A, 29th
Thomas Kinney, Co. A, 29th
E. C. Watson, Co. B, 48th
W. Ledbetter, 7th Cav.
James Cowsert, Co. B, 131st
R. L. Anderson, 29th
Abe Henson
Jobe Henson, 35th Ky.
John Chancey, 131st
John Q. Chancey, 131st
George Chancey, 131st
Solomon Stone, Mexican

Catholic & Cowsert
Andrew Shetler. 29th
James Cowsert, 29th
Robert Cowsert, 131st
John Cowsert, 6th Cav.
John McGraw

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