Haskell and Bessie McDowell Collection–Obituaries and Funeral Cards

Submitted by Virginia L. Aldridge

Haskell and Bessie McConnell McDowell lived in the neighborhood where I grew up and attended Main Street General Baptist Church where I spent my formative years. They were good Christian folk and good neighbors. “Hack” worked at Alcoa, in Yankeetown, Indiana, as an electrician, and Bessie was a homemaker. Over the years Bessie collected obituaries and memorial cards from the deaths of their family, friends, fellow church members and neighbors. This collection is the result of that endeavor. At her death, I was offered an opportunity to copy the collection for genealogical purposes. I am grateful for that opportunity. With the family’s permission, we are sharing the collection with you.

Please Note: The files may be slow loading to your computer. To assure the best usage of your time, an index of the names appear above the links to the obituaries and funeral cards. 

Note: You will see that many of the obituaries are attached to the memorial cards. I left them attached when scanning to prevent possible damage to the cards.

A – E

Alexander, Elsie A.

Alexander, Opha

Allen, Ed

Allen, Marie

Allen, Lidwell E.

Anderson, Charlene

Anderson, Edward

Arendell, Betty J. (Corn)

Aubrey, Cora

Autry, Hazel

Avery, Phillip

Avery, Ruth A. Shourds

Backes, Margaret S.

Ball, Ruth (Mitchell)

Barclay, Faye

Barnett, Mary Jeanette “Meg”

Barnett, Earl Leland

Barnett, Fern

Barnett, Nera E.

Barnett, Norman H.

Barnett, Porter A.

Barrett, Betty J.

Barton, Francis

Barton, Ruby

Bass, Elizabeth (Ferguson) McCullough

Baum, Edgar

Baum, Ruby

Beadle, Wilma

Beckmeier, Catherine W.

Bell, Deede C.

Bell, Malcolm

Biggs, Allen

Bishop, Lois Baxter

Blair, Kim [Nix]

Blake, Donald B.

Blake, Grant

Blake, Ora I.

Bottom, Opal

Boyd, Kathryn “Kay”

Boyles, James

Boyles, Marion “Toots”

Boyles, Marjorie M.

Bozarth, Lucy C.

Brimm, Willie, Jr.

Brown, Dortha

Brown, Geneva E.

Bruner, Jesse

Bullock, Lora

Burns, Edgar J.

Burns, Marion G.

Byrd, Gladys

Carnahan, Lillie

Cartwright, Virginia

Cartwright, Virginia “Ginnie”

Catt, Deloris M.

Chambers, Lillian R.

Chapman, Royalene B.

Childs, Leslie L., Sr.

Childs, Opal

Claybourn, Michele Diane

Cobb, Isabel Ellis

Cochren, John E.

Collins, James R.

Collins, Jerry L.

Combs, Vera Jean

Conner, Edith M.

Conner, Imogene

Conner, Ora W.

Conner, Robert “Bob”

Conner, W. Kenneth

Corey, Vaughn “Sunny”, Jr.

Corey, Mable

Cottingham, Charles R. “Dick”

Cotton, Norris

Cox, Mildred

Craig, Charles Cullen

Craig, Joyce

Crisp, B. R.

Crow, Ruth

Cundiff, Lydia Mae

Davis, George E.

Davis, Hazel L.

Davis, Jeffrey W.

Day, Deloris

Day, Marie

Day, Howard E.

DeCorrevant, Albert Joseph

DeCorrevant, Dorothy

de Forest, Raymunda A.

Dimmett, James

Drewlinger, Grace

Durchholz, Anna

Dyhouse, Rev. N. Glenn

Eads, Geraldine E.

Early, Helen Harrison

Edgerton, Lelia G.

Edney, Margaret

Edwards, Opal M.

Effinger, Marian

Ellis, Beatrice M.

Ellis, Kent Douglas

Ellis, Oscar Lamont

Ellis, William P.

Ellison, Allen “Pappy”

Haskell and Bessie McDowell Obituary Collection A – E

F – H

Farley, Raymond

Farley, Reva E.

Ferguson, Golden C.

Ferguson, Ruth

Ferguson, Robert G.

Ferguson, Guy, Sr.

Fischer, Georgia C.

Fisher, Commander Sergeant Major Larry Kenneth

Fisher, Donald E.

Fisher, Earl H.

Fisher, Ebert

Fisher, Edythe

Fisher, Elias J. “Shorty”

Fisher, Elvin

Fisher, Emma

Fisher, Floyd

Fisher, Jay Charles

Fisher, Larry W.

Fisher, Linda Kathleen

Fisher, Lonnie

Fisher, Norma

Fisher, Raymond

Fisher, Robert J.

Fisher, Ruby

Fleeger, George G.

Fleeger, Jesse Samuel

Fleeger, Mary Elizabeth

Fleener, Ruth

Fleming, Emma Lois

Flint, Homer J.

Flint, Lois

Floyd, Marjorie H. “Pete”

Folz, Donald

Franke, John R. “Jack”

Freyberger, Fred A.

Frost, Harold K.

Frost, Virginia J. “Ginny”

Gardner, Carrie

Gardner, Claud

Gardner, Pearl

Gardner, Rev. William Burton

Gentry, Anna C.

Gentry, Carl

Gentry, Nathan

Gentry, Olivine

Gentry, Mildred

Gentry, William

Gipson, Irene C.

Glenn, William

Glezen, Beatrice Young

Goad, Gary Gordon

Goad, Henry J.

Goad, Loraine A.

Goff, Jennifer

Gordon, John Thomas

Gordon, Mary I.

Gore, Beverly

Gore, Everett

Gore, Fern

Gore, Helen E.

Gore, Ray

Gough, Doris

Gough, Pearl

Grant, Pruda

Gray, Charles “Jack”

Gray, Laura M.

Green, Fannie Lee

Green, Rev. Charles H.

Greubel, Willard A.

Griffith, Marie Grace

Guilluame, Lloyd

Guilluame, Ruby

Hale, Florence M.

Hall, Frank

Hannah, Julia E.

Harden, A. Lucille Yoakum

Harris, Joyce

Hart, Doras

Hart, Florence Jane

Hart, Grace Marie

Hart, Leland J.

Hart, Mildred

Hawkins, Mattie

Hawkins, Charles, Jr.

Helms, Josephine

Hendrickson, Jack

Hendrickson, James William “Bill”

Hess, Dorothy M.

Hess, Leonard

Hester, Ernest W. (Dude)

Hester, Evelyn

Hester, George

Hetzel, Ruth

Hewins, Elma

Himsel, Patrick G.

Hinton, Minnie D.

Hoffhaus, Wilma

Hoffman, Gayle

Holder, Shirley

Holderbaugh, Marguerite O.

Hollis, Georgia T.

Hoover, Dr. J. Guy

Hormuth, Gilbert Joseph

Horton, Douglas

Hostettler, Earl

Hoyt, Georgia

Hubbard, George

Hubbard, Virginia

Huber, Cora G.

Hulett, Georgia

Hulett, Kenneth L.

Hulett, Paul Eugene

Hunt, Mavis

Hunt, Opal

Haskell and Bessie McDowell Obituary Collection F – H

I – O

Ingram, George William

Inman, Dr. Marlin

Inman, Traylor

Ivie, Lois Elizabeth

Ivie, Paul

Jackson, Winifred

Jamison, Charles J.

Jamison, Mary Bernice

Johnson, Aldah M. “Jackie”

Johnson, Debra

Johnson, Leroy

Johnson, Linda

Jones, Eugene

Jones, Herbert H.

Jones, Radie

Judd, Catherine P.

Judd, Chester

Kane, Grace E.

Kerney, Clarence C., Sr.

Kingery, George L.

Kingery, Valada D.

Kinkade, Vivian

Kinney, Myrtle

Kirkland, Ida R.

Klostermeier, Bette (Hedges)

Knight, Frank

Knight, Hester P.

Knirs, Walter C., Sr.

Koprowski, Joseph

Korner, Adolph

Korner, Ruth Fisher

Kreisle, Cletus N.

LaGrange, Jewell V. (Hobgood)

LaGrange, Roy P.

Lamping, Rev. Charles

Lamping, Ruth

Lampkins, Roland “Rollie”

Lampton, Jay

Lancaster, Donna Marie

Lancaster, Wilma L.

Lee, Ruth E.

Lemmons, Margaret J. “Janie”

Leslie, James L.

Leslie, Elma A., Jr.

Leslie, Madah Rice

Leslie, Norma A.

Libbert, Hallie Leslie

Link, Charles William, Sr.

Livers, Rose M. “Shekell”

Lockhart, Elizabeth

Loewen, Marcia C. (Morris)

Logsdon, Sameul G.

Luttrull, David W.

Lutz, Samuel A.

Maier, Charles E.

Majors, Annabelle “Ann” Grissom

Majors, Dow

Mand, Shirley

Martin, Laura F.

Martin, Ruby M.

Matheson, Edna May

McCarthy, Richard F.

McCloud, Millard J.

McClure, Mildred Adell (Gregory)

McClure, James C., Sr.

McConnell, Bessie M.

McConnell, Bill

McConnell, Carson A. “Gus”

McConnell, Deloris

McConnell, Ernest “Bus”

McConnell, Eugene

McConnell, Frank D.

McConnell, Hazel M.

McConnell, Herman C.

McConnell, Jerry Wayne

McConnell, Kevin

McConnell, Lucille

McConnell, Madge

McConnell, Oscar B.

McConnell, Ray

McConnell, Robert R.

McConnell, Ruby C.

McConnell, Thora L.

McCool, Lana K.

McCown, Margaret

McCoy, Leroy N.

McDaniel, Sarah K.

McDowell, Audrey Mae (Guillaume)

McDowell, Doris D.

McDowell, Esthel I.

McDowell, Eunice Olive

McDowell, Everett B.

McDowell, Harper B.

McDowell, Haskell J. “Hack”

McDowell, J. Oval

McDowell, Marjorie

McDowell, Meeleesa A.

McDowell, Nellie

McGlothlin, Verba L.

McGuyer, William Taylor

McIntosh, Kelley (Brown)

McKain, Hattie

McKinney, Rev. Charles

McKinney, Ruby

McNeely, Lowell A.

McQueary, Emily

McQueary, Nathan Robert

McQueen, Georgia

McQueen, William

McReynolds, Charles

Merwin, Rev. David R.

Mickel, Marion R.

Miller, Dorothy

Mitchell, Anna L.

Mitchell, Virginia R.

Moesner, Irene B.

Moesner, Carl L., Jr.

Mohler Walters, Cynthia

Mohler, Guy Allen

Mohler, La Vonne

Monroe, Harold

Moore, Robert

Moranz, Joseph A.

Morris, Harry A.

Morris, James F. “Fred”

Morrow, Clarice Elizabeth (Eakins)

Morrow, William S.

Offutt, Dr. Douglas

Oliver, Ruby

Haskell and Bessie McDowell Obituary Collection I – O

P – Z

Padgett, Leon

Padgett, Ruby M.

Park, Norris

Parks, Larry Joe

Patterson, William A.

Pauley, Birl

Pauley, Ida

Pauli, Mary F.

Perigo, Lillian

Perkins, Edith E.

Phillips, Opal B. (Barton)

Polk, William H.

Porter, Ernest Stanley

Powers, George H.

Pruden, G.W. “Jeff”

Pryor, James T. “Tom”

Putnam, James W.

Reams, Euleta (Corn)

Rheinhardt, Sue (Phillips)

Rice, Thelma L. (Eakins)

Rister, George R.

Roark, Sarah

Robertson, Eugene

Robinson, Edna

Robinson, George

Roth, Paul J.

Rudolph, Carl L.

Rudolph, Irene

Rue, Mildred

Sandoval, Gerald, Sr.

Satterfield, Maron R.

Scales, Neldalee

Schindler, Elizabeth

Schmidt, Eugene S.

Schriefer, J. Raymond

Schriefer, Helen Amelia

Schwambach, Richard P.

Seeger, Marie E.

Seitz, Eunice (Smith)

Shackelford, Ray, Jr.

Shackelford, Joan L.

Sheppard, G. Neuman

Shoulders, Ann

Shoulders, Lena Barnett

Shoulders, Robert A.

Shourds, Madge

Shreve, Noel E.

Siegel, Betty Ann

Siegel, John W.

Siegel, Robert W.

Simpson, Anna

Simpson, Earl C.

Simpson, Norma R.

Singer, Robert

Sluder, Mary

Smith, Betty J.

Smith, James O. “JO”

Snyder, Kim M.

Snyder, Walter Leo

Snyder, Lois Jean

Sowder, Donald “Steve”

Sowder, Louise

Sperry, S.B. Jack

Stamps, Flossie H.

Stamps, Thomas

Statler, Sandy

Stone, Earl Thomas

Stone, Margaret Eleanor (Vaugier)

Strahle, Virginia M.

Strunk, William “Bill”

Sutton, Lora A.

Sutton, Russell J.

Talley, Harold Eugene (Gene)

Taylor, John W.

Taylor, Kerry L.

Taylor, Orville

Theiring, Juanita “J.J.”

Thomas, Sue Ellen

Thompson, Edward

Tichenor, Allan G.

Titzer, Edward F.

Treber, Harry Frederick

Tuley, Billie

Tuley, Russell A.

Tuley, Roland, Sr.

Unfried, Mary “MA”

Vanada, Betty

Vanada, Chester S.

Veach, Charles E.

Veach, Charles F.

Vitzdamm, Martha K.

Wallace, Donald G. “Don”

Wallace, Lorean

Ward, Oletha

Warren, Elsie

Waters, Barbara Sue

Waters, Donald E.

Waters, Hallie T.

Watson, Dosha

Weightmann, Richard

Weightman, Mary Beth

Welde, Oscar Henry

Whitehead, Billy

Whitmer, John, Jr.

Whitney, Frederick L. “Fred”

Whitney, Nola T.

Whitney, Deloris “Dodie”

Whitney, Richard “Dick”

Wibben, Levota

Wibben, Willard J.

Wilder, Fred H.

Wildt, Allen James

Wildt, Edward “Ed”

Wilkerson, Janet Faye

Williams, Frances (Pat)

Williams, George A.

Williams, George E.

Williams, Helen P. (Parmer)

Williams, James M.

Williams, Alvin, Jr.

Wilmarth, Truman

Wilson, Bessie O.

Wilson, Mary Patricia (Patty)

Winge, Butch

Winge, Wallace R., Sr.

Woodall, Charles (Charlie)

Woodall, Jeanette Francis

Yeager, Anna

Yoakum, Eunice

Yoakum, Raphael, Jr.

Yoakum, Nathan

Yockey, Henry

Young, Elouise V.

Young, Nell

Young, Richard

Young, Truman E.

Younker, Lloyd McConnell

Zint, Ada E.

Zint, Arville

Zint, Doris

Zint, Eugene W.

Haskell and Bessie McDowell Obituary Collection P – Z

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