Johann Funeral Home Records 1896 and 1901

Compiled by

Virginia L. Aldridge

For many years the 1896 and 1902 records of the Johann Funeral Home languished in the vertical files at Willard Library. Once found, they were indexed, copied, scanned and digitally enhanced, to improve readability. I did not try to clean up ink blots or damaged areas on the pages. I was concerned some bit of data might be lost.

I would like to thank Willard Library for their efforts to preserve and provide records to the genealogical community.

Each year has its own set of instructions. If you look at the instructions first for each year, it will make it easier to find the name you seek.

The index is my best interpretation of the handwritten names on the pages. If a name looks similar to what you seek, check it out, it may turn out to be the name for which you search.

These ledgers have a right and left side. The information goes across both pages. There are numbers down the left hand side of the first page and the right hand side of the second page. There is a page 1a and a page 1b. Page 1a is the left side of the ledger, page 1b is the right side of the ledger.

Johann 1896

Johann 1901

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