Some Old Family Records from Early Willard Library Files

Submitted by Bettie Cummings Cook CG. Originally published in the Tri-State Packet, September 2008

When Willard Library opened the second floor thirty-four years ago, it was designated the Special Collections Department. Genealogical Material transferred from the first floor was a microfilm reader on a stand with drawers, and a file cabinet. The Special Collections Department grew rapidly and, in time, a microfilm camera was purchased. The material in the old file drawers was microfilmed. The files are genealogical research done over thirty-five years ago. In many cases, the information is not documented. However, their value is the many clues of family data. They are recollections, family charts, and family stories as recorded by a later generation researcher.

Before the files were filmed, I copied the names from the index tab of the folders. These paper files are no longer available but they are on film in the Special Collections Department.

Boone, Daniel
Breckinridge Family
Britton, Thomas Pindall
Corbin, John
Cummings Family
DeBruler Family
DeBruler, Lemuel Quincy
Denny Family
Denny, Cabel S.
Edmonston, Benjamin Rose
Edson, Eben Darwin & family
Elliot, James
Ewing, George & Thomas
Fraser Family
Geiger, Jacob
Gentry, James Jr.
Graham Family
Grass, Daniel
Hardy Family
Hannah Family
Hargrave, Richard
Harrow, William
Hay, John
Hicks, R. S.
Hovey, Alvin Peterson
Howells, Mason Jones
Huckby, Joshua Brannon
Hudspeth Family
Huffman, George
Iglehart, Levi
Jacquess Family
Jennings, Jonathan
Jones, James Allen
Lynn Family
Johnston, Washington
Lynn Family
McDonald Family
McCulla Family
Maclure, William
McGill Family
Merrill Famly
Morgan, John
Morrison, George W.
O’Conner, Terrence
Owen, Robert Dale
Pelham Family
Pitcher, John & family
Pitcher, Thomas Gamble
Profitt, George H.
Raleigh, Mrs. Eldora Miner & family
Richardson, William B.
Riley, James Whitcomb
Robb, David Barr
Skelton, Zachariah
Smith Family
Smith, Hosea
Smith, Robert Armstrong
Smith, William Christopher
Snapp, Frank
Springston Family
Stout, Elihu
Taylor, Lizzie Graham
Veatch, James Clifford & family
Warren Family
Winston Family

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