Genealogy Quiz

I love a good quiz (I mean the kind that isn’t for school!). If you do too, take this genealogical quiz! Here, you’ll find 10 questions with 3 multiple choice options. You’ll choose A, B, or C, before moving on to the next question. Once you reach the end, you’ll see the answer key and be able to tally your results and find out how much of a genealogy guru you are. Remember–no peeking at the answers and no web searches are allowed. Most importantly, have fun!


1. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was related (by blood and marriage) to 12 U.S. Presidents. Who is one of the U.S. Presidents he’s related to? A: Calvin Coolidge B: Abraham Lincoln C: Ulysses S. Grant

2. How many 7th great-grandparents does everyone have? A: 324 B: 512 C: 874

3. The first United States Census took place in what year? A: 1800 B: 1780 C: 1790

4. Who said, “Every man is a quotation from all his ancestors”? A: Ralph Waldo Emerson B: Benjamin Franklin C: John Rawlins

5. When did U.S. censuses start listing the names of everyone in a family (not just the household’s head)? A: 1830 B: 1880 C: 1850

6. How many 10th great-grandparents does everyone have? A: 4,096 B: 5,080 C: 3,058

7. A U.S. census was largely destroyed due to fire and water damage. What census was it? A: 1880 B: 1920 C: 1890

8. According to Merriam-Webster, a synonym for genealogy is what? A: Heir B: Relatives C: Pedigree

9. How many times is the word “begat” listed in the Bible? A: 56 B: 139 C: 320

10. When was the word “genealogy” first used, according to Merriam-Webster? A: 14th Century B: 17th Century C: 5th Century

Answer Key: 1: C 2: B 3: C 4: A 5: C 6: A 7: C 8: C 9: B 10: A

Add Up Your Points to Determine How Well You Did!

0 – 3 Points — Even though you didn’t perform the best on this quiz, with some more genealogy research, you can become a genealogical history whiz in no time!

4 – 7 Points — You know your stuff! With a bit more practice, you’ll be the star on top of your family tree soon.

8 – 10 Points — Congratulations! You brought your A-game to this quiz, as is evident by your high score. When it comes genealogical history, you rock!