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Featured: World War I

Beginning in April 2017 the United States observed the 100th anniversary of our entry into what was then called the Great War. Unfortunately some 20 years later the world was once more pulled into the second “great” war, World War II. Some of the programs of the Tri-State Genealogical Society last year were centered on the theme of World War I, of interest in the Tri-State area for a number of reasons including the war’s effects on the large German community in Southern Indiana.

Equally as important was, and is, remembering and honoring the sacrifice of the men who fell at the front. James Bethel Gresham, the first man to be killed after the U.S. sent its doughboys off to France, lived in Evansville at the time he entered the army, as did his mother and siblings. Among the last to meet the same fate was Sgt. Chester Schulz who, 100 years later, finally has his name on the memorial in France, due to the efforts of one of his descendant-relatives, Nancy Hasting.

Genealogy is not just the recording of names, dates and places. It is about lives that were not lived in a vacuum. People are affected, often in profound ways, by events that sweep them into situations they would not choose, if they otherwise had the luxury of choosing.

From now until November 11, we are featuring World War I with photos and research helps. After that date you’ll still be able to find the information on this site. We suggest you start with the Research Toolbox for more on World War I and the other wars that recruited young boys and discharged them as honorable men.

Keep in mind that this site will continually add new tools and information that we hope will help you in your search. We are open to suggestions, critiques and ideas, as well as any questions and requests for help. Thank you for stopping by. We hope to see you again soon, and often.

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